An initial consultation is essential to obtain fundamental information for the proposed development. This is the best time to collaborate ideas and desired outcomes. Points considered will include: the main function and purpose of the area, the age range of the users, the volume of daily traffic, maintenance, budget and the geography of the playspace.

At Betterland we believe school grounds need to be multi-purpose environments which must work well for students, staff and families; for teaching, learning, sport, outdoor play and social activities.


Betterland has extensive experience and well understands the ever changing needs of children and the importance of outdoor play in schools. We believe in the importance of maximizing the play and learning value of school grounds and making the play opportunities accessible to all children.

Having a thorough knowledge of construction techniques we provide sound recommendations, quality plans and estimates . Our designs incorporate unique problem solving and realistic, yet creative designs that ensure compliance with the appropriate standards and levels of quality.