Well designed playgrounds are essential to children’s learning and development and should create opportunities for exercise, play, social interaction, passive play and contact with natural elements.

Betterland has a design philosophy that centres on the importance of child development through nature and play.


A child’s learning experience should reach beyond the confines of the classroom to outdoor learning areas where natural elements are blended with play structures, obstacles and a variety of surfaces, creating balanced and functional playgrounds that beautify the school grounds.

Betterlands designs are supported by a well qualified background drawing from a Diploma in Civil Engineering, a Certificate in Amenity Horticulture and Landscape Design and the involvement in schools for over 30 years. Betterland designs also conform to the Standards for Play Grounds. AS4685, 2014 and AS1684, 2006.

We frequently prepare playspace designs and landscape master plans for new and existing schools, to upgrade the quality and function of the children’s learning environments.

Betterland has experience and ability in all aspects of landscaping at schools from concept through to design and construction.